EurAdopt at the XIII JORNADAS SOBRE ADOPCION INTERNATIONAL, Madrid (Spain), 12-13 December, 2012

Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 February 2014 Published: Monday, 24 February 2014

EurAdopt was represented by Susana Katz-Heieck (AdA, Germany) at this meeting organized by the Spanish Central Authority and held in Madrid on 12-13 December 2012.

She gave a presentation on “New challenges for the International Adoption” and participated in the Workshop: “How much information about the child is needed to make a professional matching”.

In the first presentation challenges related to the role of Accredited Bodies in working in the best interest of children have been discussed. These included (a) the correct balance with the interests of perspective adoptive parents, especially when it comes to making pressure on countries of origin, (b) the due attention and focus to “special need” children, that implicate new programs, and growing responsibility, (c) the quality of post-adoption services, that are increasingly requested by adoptive parents, (d) the assumption of full responsibility of the activities in the country of origin through adequate training and relation for the representatives of the Accredited Body.

In the second presentation, two main aspects have been discussed: (a) how to ascertain that the information on the children are of the best possible quality, through cooperation with the institutions of the country of origin which is an essential prerequisite, and (b) obtain information on the evolution of the child, his/her reaction to traumatic experiences, response to interventions, etc.

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