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Our structure


General Meeting

Representatives of the member organisations of EurAdopt meet every two years for a General Meeting. The last meeting took place in Utrecht (the Netherlands) in June 2016. The meeting was arranged by the Dutch EurAdopt member organisations, in co-ordination with the EurAdopt Executive Board. At the General Meetings the members discuss topics of common concern, meet the new Executive Board and Council, approve the annual reports and accounts, plan the activities and determine the budget for the two coming years. At the meeting in the Netherlands Mr Angelo Moretto from Italy was appointed as the new chairperson of EurAdopt. Mrs Maria Doré from Sweden and Mr. Lars Ellegaard from Denmark joined Mr. Moretto in the Executive Board of EurAdopt.



In connection with every General Meeting EurAdopt organises a Conference open to the public. During the Conference issues related to ICA and child welfare are discussed. The next Conference will take place 2018.


Council, Chairperson and Executive Board

The governing body of the association between the General Meetings is the Council. The member organisations in each country elect a council member and a substitute before the General Meeting.  The Council nominates two members to the Executive Board, whereas the Chairperson is elected by the General Meeting. The present Council has 15 members, including the Chairperson. The Council meets in April every year. In coordination with the Council, the Executive Board is responsible for carrying out EurAdopt's objectives between the General Meetings.



The permanent secretariat of EurAdopt is provided by the Dutch member organisation Wereldkinderen. The member organisations that are represented in the Executive Board provide additional secretarial services.

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