First announcement of the EurAdopt Conference 2016

Last Updated: Thursday, 02 July 2015 Published: Thursday, 02 July 2015

Theme of the Conference

Relevance of adoption

Improving the life for children who cannot live with their family



The 1st and 2nd of June 2016


Utrecht, The Netherlands


We would like to invite everyone working in the field of adoption and/or child welfare-to the 

EurAdopt Conference 2016. We will discuss the relevance of adoption nowadays. This Conference 

aims to describe the contemporary environment in which intercountry adoption is a last option for 

children who cannot live in their biological family. It aims to discuss adoption, but not without the 

primary parties concerned; the adoption triangle. Participants representing the adoption triangle will 

play an active role at the Conference. Adoptees will prepare propositions and interactive discussion 

will be an important part of the program. During the Conference the participants will be consulted on 

their opinions through a conference app on their smartphone, by which they can vote.




Practical information about the conference, including accommodation, as well as instructions on how 

to register will be published in January 2016 on this site.

The estimated fee for the conference will be € 250, including lunch and 1 dinner. This fee does not 

include accommodation.

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Contact Information

Telephone: + 31 70 350 6699 FAX: +31 70 354 7867

Postal address: Regulusweg 11, G2516 AC Den Haag, the Netherlands

Electronic mail: